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Practice Areas: Telecom Regulation and Policy

For more than three decades, ETI has played an influential role in helping to shape US telecommunications policy to accommodate the concerns of a broad spectrum of stakeholders with respect to the emergence of competition, innovative technologies, massive industry restructuring, and extensive federal and state legislation.

Through expert testimony in approximately 700 regulatory proceedings before more than 40 state regulatory agencies and the Federal Communications Commission, ETI has addressed a variety of key policy issues, including
  • Ratesetting and rate structure
  • Form of regulation, including ďprice capsĒ and other incentive-based regulation systems
  • Pricing and availability of wholesale services and unbundled network elements
  • Access charges and intercarrier compensation
  • Competitive reclassification, regulatory flexibility and forbearance
  • Effects of consolidations and mergers, spin-offs, and sales of assets by regulated incumbent carriers
  • Universal service funding and policy
  • NANPA/Numbering Issues
  • Broadband services, Net Neutrality
  • Cost allocation, cost accounting and reporting, and cost recovery mechanisms
  • Compliance with requirements of the Telecommunications Act of 1996
  • Wireless services
ETIís clients have included large corporate telecommunications users, state residential consumer advocate agencies, state attorneys general, competitive local and long distance carriers, wireless carriers, state public utility commissions and advocacy staffs, federal, state and local government agencies, and Internet service providers.

In addition to the firmís work in the US, ETIís expertise has been requested in a number of telecom regulatory matters abroad, including cases in Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Mexico, Hungary, the Phillippines, and China.

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