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Practice Areas: Data and Statistical Analysis

ETI provides consulting and expert testimony on the design and execution of a wide array of economic and statistical analyses, both in and out of the telecommunications space. ETI conducts its research according to scientific standards, and prides itself on producing unbiased, empirical results. ETIís services cover a broad range of economic, statistical, and financial issues, including:
  • Data collection and maintenance
  • Econometric modeling
  • Pricing, demand, elasticities, and revenue effects
  • Competition and market analysis
  • Statistical sampling
  • Regression analysis
  • Business and merger valuation
  • Merger synergy analysis
  • Financial statement and profit analysis
  • Economic harm and damage calculation
  • Review and assessment of existing analyses, financial results, and tax records

We understand the importance not just of reaching an analytical result, but being able to communicate the results of our analysis to judges, juries, regulatory agencies, and upper management. ETI has participated in over 700 regulatory and legal proceedings and has extensive experience explaining complex issues in a clear and understandable manner.

Economics and Technology

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